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Thursday June 1st , 6:30pm Anthony Hipps will be the speaker at the Smith River TU meeting at Rania's Restaurant , 147 Main St., Martinsville, VA. Anthony will talk about Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass (How to approach and fish flowing water). Anthony will also show some of his gear and favorite flies.

June 13th , Tuesday @ 7pm Leonard Recreation Center - Brown Hobson, owner of Brown Trout Fly Fishing an Orvis endorsed guide service in Asheville, NC. They specialize in guiding and teaching fly fishing for trout and smallmouth bass in Western NC and East TN. Brown donated a trip for our banquet so let's give him a large turnout!

February 14th, Tuesday @ 7pm Richard Griggs with Carolina Mountain Sport s will talk about "Tips to improve your Casting and Catching" Richard always has a good presentation, and I know he will have some good tips. Join us at at Leonard Recreation Center 6324 Ballinger Rd., Greensboro.

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